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A review is an application of analytical procedures and inquiry to provide a limited level of assurance, while a compilation is the presentation of financial data in the form of financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statement, statement of cash flow, and footnotes. If your company is applying for a business loan, construction bond, or you need independent verification of your company's financial performance for key business decisions, LNP can help.

Our approach includes developing an understanding of your business and industry to establish a strategy that is tailored to you and the specific needs of your company. Reviews and compilations can help you identify modification you need to make in your operations to guarantee your company's financial success. They are also an invaluable tool to assure you and your business partners of your company's financial strength.

We go beyond the reporting of results. We provide you with the information and valuable insights into your business to help you improve your accounting controls and increase your bottom line.

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